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June 30, 2016

Scott Andrews. Kurt Schindler, Eddie Blackford and Chris Tokarski

win the 4-Man 1,2,3 Format Tournament

Tournament Summary:
by Rod Manalo: Secretary of the RSMC

74 members (17 four man teams and two three man teams) competed in this tournament with the goal to score the lowest score in the 1,2,3 Format Tournament. Par was 143.

All players received 100% of their handicap in accordance to their June 15th index.

On the Hole #1: the best net score of the foursome was recorded. On Hole #2: two best net scores of the foursome were recorded. On Hole #3: the three best net scores of the foursome were recorded. On Hole #4: the best net of the foursome were recorded. This sequence was continued until Hole #18: all four net scores were recorded. (If there was a three man team, the highest score of the threesome was counted twice on hole #18).  Par was 143.

Weather was good, but hot. Course conditions were good.

As you can see in the headlines, Scott Andrews (14), Kurt Schindler (18), Eddie Blackford (17) and Chris Tokarski (13) shot a net score of 118 (25 under par) to take first place in the tournament. It was hard to beat this team when Kurt shot a gross 78 for a net 60; Scott shot a net 66 and Chris shot a net 67.

Finishing in second place with a net 120 was the team of David Brikovich (22), Steve Mahrt (17), Randy Powell (24) and John Seith (19).

The next three teams had a net 121. Their team places were determined via the scorecard playoff. In third place was the team of Chris Armas (6), Barney Babb (14), Jeffery Deal (11) and Alex Villanueva (11). Chris shot a gross 70. This included 5 birdies in the last 5 holes.

Following in fourth place was the team of Kurt Koehler (16), Brett McCarty (28), Steve McCarty (32) and Zack Roberts (17).

And finally in fifth place and in the money  was the three man team of Dale Ramirez (11), Kevin Sherich (20) and Darrell Petray (13). Dale shot a net 66; Kevin shot a net 67 and Darrell shot a net 64.

The complete results can be viewed on the Tournament Results page.

Elected RSMC Board for 2016
Vince Dominguez,
Ron Donahue,
Jose Reyes
Handicap Chairman
Mike Cathcart
Tournament Chairman
  Rod Manalo,
Ed Forrest
Jim Wagner
Club Pro 
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