Rancho Solano Men's Club Newsletter
December 20, 2014
Dave Schajatovic / Daryl Mathews: First Flight;
Joe Amaral / Tony Amaral: Second Flight;
Kurt Schindler / Ed Forrest: Third Flight;
John Amaral / Matt Lozano: Fourth Flight
are the winners in the 2-Man 3-Format Tournament
Tournament Summary:
by Rod Manalo: Secretary of the RSMC

84 members (42 2-Man Teams) entered to compete for the prize money.

This was the 2-Man 3-Format Tournament. All players played from the white tees.

Format was as follows:
Holes 1-6: One best net ball
Holes 7-12: 2-Man Scramble. There was a 2-drive minimum requirement per teammate.
Holes 12-18: Alternate shot. There was a 2-drive minimum requirement per teammate.

Handicaps were assigned by the Tournament Chairman in accordance to their December 1st indexes. Team handicaps were calculated by adding the teammates indexes and multiplying by 0.38. The teams were divided into 4 flights.

Course conditions were wet, following a week of rain. Preferred lies (winter rules) were used in this tournament. It was cold. There was some wind.

First Flight: (9 teams / Hcps 6-7): Dave Schajatovic and Daryl Mathews (HCP 8) won this flight with a net 65. After the first 12 holes, they were 6 under par. Then they entered the alternate shot format. Most teams lose strokes in this format. They shot one under par net in this format. In second place via a scorecard playoff was Mike Spiller and his dad Dennis (HCP 7) with a net score of 66. Fernando Delmendo and Mike Wilson (HCP 8) came in third place with a net score of 66 as well. By the way, they also shot one under par net in the alternate shot format.

Second Flight: (10 teams / Hcps 9-11): Joe Amaral and his dad Tony Amaral (HCP 9) won the Second Flight with an impressive net score of 59. They were 12 under par net after the first 12 holes. In the alternate shot format, they shot one under par for a total 13 under par. Mark Bentley and Gustavo Ron (HCP 11) placed second with a net 64. They also won skins for holes #8 and #11. In third place was Mike Myers and Justin Rouspil (HCP 10) with a net 65.

Third Flight: (10 teams / Hcps 12-13): Winning first place in this flight was the team of Kurt Schindler and Ed Forrest (HCP 12) with a net score of 62. They had a net even par on the last six holes. They were also 12 under par after 12 holes. Taking second place was the team of Lonnie Macy and Alex Villanueva (HCP 12) with a net score of 65. The next three teams shot a net 67: Mike Cathcart and Stuart Shicoff (HCP 12), Patrick Rowzee and Bruce Wager (HCP 12) and John Scholl and Michael Larsen (HCP 13). Mike and Stuart taking third place via the scorecard playoff.

Fourth Flight: (14 teams / Hcps 14-20): This flight paid 5 places because 14 teams competed. John Amaral and Matt Lozano (HCP 14) won this flight with a net score of 64. In second place was the team of Kurt Koehler and David Brikovich (HCP 15) with a net 65. Jim Wilson and his son Ken Wilson (HCP 20) took third via a scorecard playoff with a net 67. Also scoring a net 67 was the team of Jose Reyes and Larry Shott (HCP 18). Finally, in fifth place with a net score of 68 was the team of Paul Wilson and Doug Young (HCP 14).

The complete results can be viewed on the Tournament Results page.

Elected RSMC Board for 2015
Vince Dominguez,
Ron Donahue,
Jose Reyes
Handicap Chairman
Mike Cathcart
Tournament Chairman
  Rod Manalo,
Ed Forrest
Jim Wagner
Club Pro 
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