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April 1, 2016 (March Newsletter)

Jack Dominguez, Ralph Moses, Mark Bentley and Gustavo Ron
qualify for the NCGA 4-Man Competition

Tournament Summary:
by Rod Manalo: Secretary of the RSMC

104 members (26 4-Man Teams) entered the tournament with the goal to win their flight for prize money as well as a chance to qualify for the NCGA North East Bay Zone competition in Monterey on July 14-15 at Quail Lodge GC and Carmel Valley Ranch GC. There were three flights for the money. Flights were determined by team handicaps.

The maximum index for the NCGA Qualifiers was 18.4 index. So players with indexes greater than 18.4 could compete in the qualifiers, but their indexes were reduced to 18.4. For this NCGA competition, all players had their indexes (max 18.4) reduced to 90% of their March 15th Index. This index was used to determine their handicap for the NCGA qualifier. 100% of the members' handicap was used for prize payouts. 

Jack Dominguez, Ralph Moses, Mark Bentley and Gustavo Ron qualify for the NCGA 4-Man Competition.
This will be the sixth time that this team has qualified since 2005; five out of the last six years (2005, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016). Ironically, the year they came in 2nd place (2014), they still went to the North East Bay Zone competition, because the qualifying team could not make the Monterey competition due to other commitments.

Weather was good. Course conditions were good if you were in the fairways on tournament day. You didn't want to be in the rough that was 4-6 inches deep. There were a lot of lost balls in the rough leading to a lot of players taking a stroke and distance penalty and re-hitting their shot from their previous spot.

NCGA qualifying competition:
As you can see from the headlines,
Jack Dominguez, Ralph Moses, Mark Bentley and Gustavo Ron qualified for the NCGA 4-Man Competition. They shot a 2 best net ball score of 114. That was 30 under par; par being 144. The team of John Lloyd, Fred Osmond, Jerry Kuenster and Nathan Kuenster had a score of 115. Bruce Wager, Doug Young, Patrick Rowzee, and James Ryan shot a 118.

Prize Money Competition:
First Flight: (9 teams):
Jack Dominguez (11), Ralph Moses (8), Mark Bentley (12) and Gustavo Ron (15) also came in first place in this flight. Ralph birdied six of the first seven holes in route to a score of 72. He was a victim of a lost ball on hole 10. Placing 2nd with a team score of 121 was Bill Hinton (7), Tom Jackson (9), Jim Villa (10) and Dale Rath (4). Bill shot a gross 70. The team of Pat Bello (14), Tom Newkirk (8), Dwayne Breed (11) and Dave Nikitin (15) placed third with a team score of 124. They won the scorecard playoff over the team of Steve Leon-Guerrero (16), Tim Morgan (9), Kurt Crigger (4) and Richard Molinari (11), who also shot a 124.

Second Flight: (10 teams): The team of Joe Amaral (17), John Amaral (11), Tiny Amaral (4) and Matt Lozano (21) won this flight with a team score of 121. Tony shot a gross 70. the next three teams tied with a score of 122. Their places were determined via the scorecard playoff. Second place was the team of Randy Engell (10), Scott Tonnesen (21), Steve Mahrt (17) and Michael Torrence (7). Third place was the team of John Doyle (8), Blake McAhren (16), Kelly McAhren (11) and Tim Williams (18). Derek Leong (19), Bruce Leong (25), Stanley Anderson (15) and Fernando Delmendo (8) unforturnately placed out of the money due to the playoff.

Third Flight: (7 teams): The team of John Lloyd (19), Fred Osmond (14), Jerry Kuenster (22) and Nathan Kuenster (26) won this flight with a score of 108. Wow, that is 36 under par. Bruce Wager (12), Doug Young (24), Patrick Rowzee (23) and James Ryan (19) placed 2nd with team score of 113. Gery Koch (11), Jose Reyes (26), Edward Newhouse (19) and Scott Rhode (23) had a team score of 122 to place 3rd in this flight and in the money.

The complete results can be viewed on the Tournament Results page.

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